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Pyramid Market + Wholesale

I Love New York

I Love New York


Full Color DTF Prints

Pre-press garment to remove moisture. Temp: 280-300 degrees Fahrenheit. Pressure: Heavy (this is the most important piece, if it’s not sticking, you need more pressure!) Time: 10-15 seconds. Peel: COLD PEEL! Cover with teflon sheet and press again for 5-10 seconds to seal.

Full Color Sublimation Prints

Pre-press garment to remove moisture. Temp: 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Pressure: Medium. Time: 55 seconds. Peel: Hot or cold peel.

You can use any mockup in your group or on your business page to help sell your shirts or to gauge interest!

I am not responsible for operator error. Every press is different. If you are new or apprehensive, I recommend ordering a couple extra transfers.

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